Web client for Twitter with multi-account support



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There is a constant flow of new functions offered by desktop Twitter clients available on various platforms. On the other hand, we haven’t seen a similar advance among Twitter’s web clients, not even the service’s official client.

TwitHive breaks the pattern, equaling and even surpassing the most advanced Twitter desktop clients, supporting the sending of messages, replies, private messages and ‘retweets’.

Among the features that single out TwitHive are multi-account support, display of time lines in columns (as found in TweetDeck), organization of contacts into groups and the ability to track your position in searches.

Add to all of this the option of classifying tweets received by any of your accounts as conversations, questions, ‘retweets’ or URLs, as well as being able to filter them according to specific keywords.

With all these features, TwitHive is becoming a really interesting option for every advanced user of Twitter.
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